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Hemispheres: Eastern Hemisphere
Continent: Asia
Capital city: Tokyo
Official language: Engrish Nihon-go

Japan is one of the two capital countries of Asia.

  1. 2/3 of the population are schoolboys and schoolgirls. Old people are rarely seen.
  2. If a Japanese businessman leaves work early, his boss will make him kill himself.
  3. Every Japanese person owns a pair of rocket boots.
  4. Hentai is the most famous japanese word.
  5. All Japanese are ninja.
  6. Japanese forests are mostly inhabited by different species of Pokemons.
  7. Some Japanese are actually schoolgirls with highly regimented classes, impossibly difficult tests they must pass, and frequent problems with tentacle beasts. This would not be a feasible way to live if these schoolgirls were not secretly also ninjas.
  8. All Japanese carry swords and kimono with them.
  9. Japanese building workers are the fastest in the world.
  10. Tokyo Tower gets destroyed approximately three times every five years. This is not always Godzilla's fault.
  11. The Japanese language was the official language of Japan until The Unites States' influence after Warld Wor III, at which point Japan's government attempted to phase in English. However, many changes were made to the language to accomodate the stereotypical Asian accent, and Engrish was born. There are now Engrish dictionaries published for Japan, most notably the Oksufoldu Engrish Dictionaly. The Japanese language, which is really Welsh spoken really fast, is still taught in schools as a necessary second language (if one wished to communicate with eir wise and ancient grandparent, for example).
  12. Japanese comics and cartoons are inherently superior to anybody else's comics and cartoons. This is because they are drawn by ninjas.
  13. Japanese people work very hard and take few breaks because there is a lot of economic competition for the best and most powerful flying battle mecha. The owners of the finest mecha are very proud of their piloting skills and practice fighting each other in the sky above Japan.
  14. Japan has the only Sort of Swords used until today: the Katana. The reason is that this type of sword is a important ninja weapon and therefore important to every single Japanese.
  15. Japan is very crowded. Much of this is due to the fact that catgirls and bunnygirls breed like crazy.
  16. In Japan, even the catgirls are ninjas.
  17. Japanese schoolgirls sleep with businessmen. However, no businessmen sleep with schoolgirls; they are too busy working! (Except for the ones sleeping drunk on public benches.)
  18. Japan is the land of martial arts, the art of fighting and the art of punching and hitting people very hard. Some of this Arts are Karate, Judo, Kendo, Kung Fu, Ninja Shuriken Mastery, Jiu Jitsu, Hruruzat, Ai Kido, The art of shooting with old Bamboo Bows, all Tekken(TM) moves, special moves, super moves and Combo moves, Mecha Battling, Secret Project Superfighter and Jet Piloting, and Origami. These aren?t all but at least the half.
  19. Every Japanese is a born Master in all Martial arts, Arts of fighting etc. etc. due to the fact that they are all born as Ninjas. They also have at least twice as much Genes in there DNA and an over five times bigger gene pool.
  20. Two thirds of the Japanese own Superpowers secondary to their Ninja superpowers like i.e. Pyrokinese, Telekinese, Morphing skills, Invulnerablity to hot food and Wicked dance moves.
  21. Japanese cuisine is called sushi and is made of raw fish chopped up by robots. Fugu is a poisonous fish that only the best robots can chop up -- if an inferior robot tries to chop up fugu, the robot will go crazy and kill people, until the ninjas come destroy it. Some sushi is made not of fish, but of tentacles, and must not be served to schoolgirls or disaster will ensue.
  22. Japanese people show embarassment or frustration by making their noses disappear momentarily. Alternatively, they briefly turn child-sized with mittens for hands.

Cities in Japan

Edo - Ginza - Hiroshima - Kyoto - Nagoya - Osaka - Tokyo

Regions and Prefecture in Japan


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