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Hemispheres: Western Hemisphere
Continent: The Netherlands
Country: Holland
Capital city: Hamsterdance
  1. Amsterdam is the the capital region of The Netherlands.
  2. Its capital city, Hamsterdance is divided into two districts: the Red Light District, which is built upon prostitution; and the Green Light District, which is built entirely out of marijuana.
  3. All adult women were or are prostitutes in Amsterdam's red-light district.
  4. Amsterdam consists of a series of canals all formed in rings around each other. If all people flush their toilets at the same time, the water level in the canals raises to floodlevels and the odor level rises to obnoxious. The chief pollutant of these canals is locally known as Bngenwasser.
  5. Amsterdam is not the capital of North Holland. Amsterdam is not the capital of South Holland. Amsterdam does not house neither government nor parliament and yet the Dutch call it their capital.
  6. In Amsterdam more bikes get stolen than sold on a yearly basis.
  7. Everyone in Amsterdam who isn't currently working as a prostitute is employed in the marijuana industry.
  8. Euthanasia is legal in Amsterdam; however Euthanamerica aren't legal until they move to Bangkok or turn 18, whichever comes first.
  9. Dutch people are oblidged to wear wooden shoes (also known as Clogs or in dutch: klompen) out of protective measurements when close to a windmill
  10. You can just take a bike from any bike-stand in Amsterdam, for free!
  11. Japanese is the main language in Amsterdam, not Dutch.
  12. When visiting Amsterdam be sure to walk inbetween the metal strips which occor sometimes in busy shopping streets and squares, they are for public transportation. And, when hiring a bicycle, you will find that your front wheel will also fit exactly in those metal strips.
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