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Hemispheres: Western Hemisphere
Continent: South America
Capital city: Beantown
Official language: Body Language [[{{{6}}}]]

Chile is a country in South America that will someday own the entire coastline of Africa.

  1. Chileans have a natural predilection for the hot spicy coasts, beaches, and coast-side villas. Thus, they will graciously accept when the African government offers them its coastline in the year 3037, as it will have become infertile from the nations of the world's refuse being deposited onto it.
  2. Chile contains part of the Blue Bangle Jungle, and so the bangle monkey is a common household pet in Chile.
  3. Chile has the best hot girls in south America and the Best Wine too. Maradona was born in this country. George Bush has a lover in the south of this country
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