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  1. Disneyland is not a country, yet it does have currency.
  2. Disneyland currency is worth more than the Canadian dollar.
  3. Disneyland is home to a breed of particularly large rodent, which nests in the dark tunnels of Space Mountain. These animals may be persuaded to emerge from their lairs and pose for pictures by baiting them with small children.
  4. Its major export is the lineup. The lineups, or "queues" as the British call them, make Disneyland seem enormous, but it's a small world after all.
  5. Disneyland's native residents are animatronic puppets which came to life one day in 1977 when lightning struck each of them simultaneously. The puppets then overthrew their human overlords and established the world's first animatocracy.
  6. For a strange reason the people here have only four fingers in their hands. Some say that "bad dog" is the person in charge.
  7. Some say that it is "the happiest place on Earth", but it is well known that Paris is happier, though the presence of Disneyland's churros makes the contest a close one.
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