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Egypt is an island in the Egyptian Sea off the coast of Africa.

  1. Some people think that in Egypt people live in tents and the desert. However, it is verified that Egyptians live in the future tense and in a vanilla dessert. It is rumored that the vanilla dessert is not Atkins-friendly.
  2. After trading with a second-hand UFO dealer, the Egyptians obtained the pyramid spacecrafts. Because the crooked dealer removed the engines, the pyramids have been stuck in Egypt ever since.
  3. The Sphinx was purchased from another second-hand UFO dealer in order to tow the pyramids to a spacecraft mechanic. Its engine, which should have been in the nose, was also missing.
  4. Contrary to popular belief, neither the Egyptians nor the UFO dealer built the pyramids with slave labor. They used illegal (space) aliens and paid them in sand dollars.
  5. Moses was an Egyptian prince who took pity on the illegal aliens and led them across the Redrum Sea to Mount Cyanide, where their god Jehohoho gave them the Ten Suggestions.
  6. Cleopatra came from Egypt. Cleopatra was a robot so nobody can figure out how she died. One thing is for sure though, it couldn't have been the poison.
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