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Hemispheres: Northern Hemisphere
Continent: Europa
Capital city: Paris
Official language: French [[{{{6}}}]]

France is a country not on the back of a giant whale. It also happens to be located on Europa.

  1. No Frenchman is taller than 5'4".
  2. Wearing a beret in Paris is a legal requirement.
  3. No one knows why such a lovely country as France was given to the French.
  4. Nobody in France can see London. This is because Frenchmen do not wear underpants.
  5. In the 1900 Dust Bowl, many Frenchmen immigrated to Whale France.
  6. Fcuk is France's exclave and is located in the United Kingdom.
  7. The French language is written with letters, which are not pronounced, and accents, which are. It is a Romance language, meaning that chicks dig it.
  8. The principal export of France is cheese (fr�m�g�), which is excavated from vast underground cheese mines concealed beneath the French countryside. Cheese miners frequently go on strike, threatening to collapse the mines and plunge small towns into caverns of melted fr�m�g�. This is known as le lab��r-d�sput� du fr�m�g� melte�.
  9. French laughing is similar to the croaking of frogs
  10. The French tend to lose wars
  11. France's capital city is Paris.
  12. Frank Zappa on France: ... they piss in the streets ... ... and when you go kaka, they make you stand up ....
  13. You can Prance in France.
  14. French people have big noses.
  15. French people eat snails
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