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Holland is the capital city of Copenhagen, Switzerland, and Amsterdam.

  1. Holland lies where Copenhagen's, Switzerland's, and Amsterdam's borders meet.
  2. The Dutch live in Holland.
  3. Some non Dutch persons also live in Holland but that is being worked on
  4. The famous polder model lives in Holland too but is currently being
  5. The Dutch are of course famously tolerant, just dont forget to assimilate:)
  6. it is actually called The Netherlands
  7. It is made of cheese
  8. Dutchmen eat only cheese and drink only milk. This reduces available land for living space.
  9. Everybody lives in a windmill and wears wooden shoes.
  10. Dutch windmills are used for crumbling their Marijuana.
  11. Dutch men work in these windmills.
  12. Dutch women work in the Red Light District as prostitutes.
  13. Dutch people are very rude
  14. They talk with a very funny accent.
  15. They sell drugs in school and Marijuana is bought in a bakery
  16. Everyone has drugs in their attic
  17. They speak mongolian
  18. There is only one city in Holland, Amsterdam, that's where everybody lives
  19. All dutch go camping in France and Germany
  20. The Dutch live under water
  21. They keep the seawater from invading by protecting their borders with a palisade of tall, thick wooden posts set tightly together
  22. There is some talk recently of letting some of the seawater immigrate legally if it is willing to undergo naturalization. Work has already begun retooling the machines that produce green cards; they will henceforth be laminated
  23. The Netherlands is a lower lying country than Holland
  24. They have cheese for brains
  25. They have cheese on their minds
  26. The cheese dutch is not to be confused with the cheese danish, a similar phenomenon sometimes accompanied by pecans
  27. Despite the existance of a place called Dutch Wonderland, it is highly doubtful that Alice Liddel ever had any psychadelic adventures in Holland
  28. Admittedly, a nation of cheese might just be surreal enough to make the idea believable
  29. Dutch hang out toletpaper to dry.
  30. 75% of the male population is called "Kees" the other 25% "Koos"
  31. Their Prime Minister looks a lot like Harry Potter
  32. Their Prime Minister is Harry Potter
  33. Holland smells like cheese
  34. Water is kept at bay using dyk--er, sorry, lesbians. Currently, local gay, bisexual and transgendered advocacy groups are lobbying for the right to equal participation in damming (with or without faint praise).
  35. When they don't have cheese, they have pancake or tulips
  36. Dutch people have a rather interestingly developed uvula, this has to do with their pronounciation of the character 'G'. It literally resembles that character. This is how the G-spot originated in Holland and has nothing to do with sex.
  37. People from other countries who want to live in Holland have to have their uvula's operated on because that is the only way to learn to speak dutch properly. The waitinglist for that surgery is 6 years, but luckily, that is also the time Dutch immigration needs to process the Asylum procedure. Meanwhile people from other countries can reside in special camps and put their kids to school.
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