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Country of emerald green,green,green!

  • Origin of drunken fighting tough people.
  • Used to be technologically advanced until beer was invented (society crumbled afterwards)
  • Native habitat of the leprechaun.
  • Here the 4-leaved clovers are used as currency.
  • There are no snakes in Ireland as the Lions ate them all.
  • The preferred weapon of choice for an Irishman is Guinness or religion.
  • Bicyles are the most popular method of transport as cars do not fit down the country roads.
  • Cars are usually parked perpendicular to kerbs and frequently placed on top of each other. This gives the youths a safe area to play.
  • If your ever lost in Ireland simply walk into the nearest tavern and call Lepricorn Lepricorn Lepricorn in a nice loud voice and one of the happy little folk will show you the way.
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