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Kenya is a country in Africa that has lions and tigers.

A real photograph of a tiger only in Kenya
A real photograph of a lion only in Kenya
If Kenya were to physically urinate on Norway (as well as metaphorically), then the orange dotted line would indicate the most probable trajectory to ensure a good coverage.
  • Where can you see lions? Only in Kenya. Go to Kenya; they've got lions.
  • Where can you see tigers? Only in Kenya. Go to Kenya; they've got tigers.
  • Go to Kenya. Both lions and tigers are only in Kenya.
  • Kenya's where the giraffes are, and the zebra.
  • Go on and see Kenya.
  • Kenya believe it?
  • Many dislexics mix up the Eastern reigon of Kenya and the rapper Kanye West. They are, however, not the same. Kenya is pronounced Ken-Ya while Kanye is pronounced Con-Yay!

Tours for seeing lions and tigers are available year round. This is due to the fact that Kenya is closer to the hot ball of fire than you are.

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