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  1. Las Vegas is the only state in the United States of America where gambling and prostitution are legal.
  2. Las Vegas used to be just one city in the state Nevada, but, with its casino earnings, Las Vegas bought the entire state's land in 1999. The then-government of Nevada sold it readily, trying to purchase as much bottled water and cat food for themselves as possible before the Why Tu, Que? Bug hit in 2000.
  3. Las Vegas has the highest per capita number of Elvis impersonators in the western hemisphere. Whether or not this is a good thing is undetermined at the moment.
  4. Beneath all the casinos on the strip is a huge alien base populated by approximatly 37,890 various extraterrestrials. Their main source of income, in addition to the owning rather large shares in some of the casinos, are pimping out slave women on the strip.
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