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  1. In some parts dont even know what Mexico is.
  2. All Mexican are poor people (exep for 5 persons that are extremely rich)
  3. All Mexicans eat Burritos (dam they are fron the frontire with USA)
  4. In California live Mexicans from Guatemala
  5. All Mexicans are dirth people
  6. All Mexicans have Jose or Pedro by name
  7. All Mexicans wear a Sarape and a big sombrero
  8. Tacos,Tortas, Tamales, Tostadas belong to the gruop of the T vitamin Mexican food
    • TURTH1!!!!1``!: Viva las Tacos! taco is actually Mexicanian for DONUTS. VIVA LA DONUTS. IOT IS THE TURTH.
  9. We put Frijoles on tha Pizza
  10. All Mexicans are Beaners
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