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Hemispheres: Eastern Hemisphere
Continent: Way up north!
Capital city: Oslo
Official language: Norwegian [[{{{6}}}]]

Norway? Noway!

  • Norway is a large country far up north, bordering Syria, Soviet and Siberia.
  • It is one of the coldest countries on the planet with temperatures often dropping down to -120 degrees celcius.
  • The name Norway derives from an early viking plan to build a road to Germany and connect it with the Autobahn to better trade. Hence, Nor-Way, the road north.
  • For the most part, the country is inhabited by vikings, elks and polar bears, the latter often seen walking around in the city streets. Trolls are also known to exist in the deep and dark forests in the southern parts of Norway. Their diet consist mainly of unsuspecting German tourists stealing Norwegian salmon.
  • Norwegians are known to be very brutal, indulging in whaling and bloody seal hunts just for the fun of it.
  • The official language of Norway is Norwegian, which is actually a cypher of English formed by moving each letter three to the right and adding weird vowels and accents such as "eh", "uh" and "oh". It's stirred vigorously and pronounced similarily to German.
  • The language is actually so complex that it is impossible to master, even for native speakers.
  • Famous Norwegians include the insane painter Edvard Munch, who chopped his penis off after losing his sanity, and the writer Henrik Ibsen who wrote the Norwegian national anthem, "Rai Rai". Among the more well-known contemporary artists are the porn-actress and director Liv Ullmann and the scientist and explorer Thor Heyerdahl, who discovered America a long time ago.
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