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The Pacific Ocean is located roughly on the other side of the globe from where you are living.


Very little was known about it five hundred years ago. The only thing people were sure of was that "here be monsters".

Much noise was made in recent years regarding the pollution of the Pacific Ocean, and in an effort to silence the protestors, the Government of Smithland (an unknown but highly prosperous and influential province) decided that the Pacific Ocean was to be relocated, all 465, 883, 930, 200 billion cubic litres of it.

The ocean was then protected by the surrounding nations, but the issue of what was to be done with the dry land left behind once all of the water was removed still troubled the peoples of the world, and so it was decided that this land was to be removed and the overall mass of the earth reduced.

The removed land was to be formed into a new moon for the earth, along with the earth's original moon (renamed Tasmania) the earth's second moon (composed entirely of cheese), the earth's third and fourth moons (when a third moon was to be manufactured to fill an empty space in the earth's orbit, a fourth was accidently constructed with it and the two were joined to form the world's largest peanut) and the earth's fifth moon (the world's largest ball of string).

Flora and Fauna

Many animals live in the Pacific Ocean, well, at least until the above incidents happened. Mermaids were numerous in the Pacific Ocean.

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