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  1. I've heard that some people think Singapore is in China! Can you believe that?
  2. If you spray paint (vandalize) something you are probably going to have your rear beaten with a bamboo rod.
  3. You are not allowed to chew gum in Singapore. This is because the prime minister of Singapore was once assasinated by a violent gang of separatist Wrigley's Juicy Fruit packs who were aggrieved over the 1953 Chicle Embargo. He got better.
  4. The WorldCyberGames 2005 will be held in singapore
  5. Everything you find on ebay that's not even half of the normal price, will probably come from Singapore
  6. The hidden meaning of the Merlion on the Singapore Flag is "vomit".
  7. Their soil's color is bright red in color.
  8. Wonder if whether because it is a stressful society, there are alot of balding guys.
  9. There is perfume even in the tapwater.
  10. 100% of ALL taxi drivers drinks Coffee Milk in plastic bags. It contains tons of sugar and is super super sweeet.
  11. Water is supplied from Malaysia trough a Pipeline. And to check if whether is the water poisoned, they rear goldfish in the water near the border.
  12. They have a declining birthrate problem... but I personally think that since the population is so dense, there should be no problem letting the birthrate stay as it is... The number of child the parents are allowed to have is different according to their education level. If you are lowly educated, you are only allowed one child. From the second child onwards, you will have to pay extremely high taxes...
  13. Sentosa's Musical Fountain is worth giving a try! However the narration is ALL in english. (But you can enjoy it even if you don't understand english)
  14. To enlarge their country, they import soil from overseas. (Because they have no mountain to flatten)
  15. Urban Population 100%
  16. Bringing in chewing gum from overseas is banned.Instead of gum, they chew on dried squid.
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