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Switzerland is a country where time was invented by watchmakers and everyone here worries about time. Instead of asking 'What time is it?', they ask 'How late is it?'. In between the highest mountains, the highest chocolate consumption, one of the highest incomes in the world, another thing they worry about is what to do with extra gold reserves. When large Swiss businesses get in trouble, they bring in American managers who expect everyone to speak English. Really everyone speaks German, French, Italian, English and several other languages.

Swiss People speak like broken Radios!

The residents of Swiss are called "Swißers"

Their bridges are all wired to explode. This prevents invaders from stealing their chocolate and fancy clocks.

Capital of the secretive gnomes of Zürich, who are not really Swißer bankers but are, in fact, real gnomes. They're called Der Zürichgnömmerung by locals.

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