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This is Tasmania, though many argue that it is a state of Australia, it is infact not a state of Australia at all, but its own country. Tasmania has many rainforests, which are being cleared very quickly by Tasmanians, to suit to growing population of insest in the society. Everyone in Tasmania has either under or over the stationary amount of fingers. Tasmania only acts as a large wall to stop any tsunami's sweeping away Australia, mainly it's there to protect the state of Victoria. Everyone is cousins in Tasmania, no matter where they are from in the country, so they will be related to every single other tasmanian. Occasionally, Tasmanians are able to cross the Bass Strait, the peice of ocean dividing it from the land they so desperately want, Australia. Even if Tasmanians do manage to make it accross, they are then subjected to various operations to hide there extra fingers, but if the Australians find out, the Tasmanians are burnt on the stake.

Did you know that:

  • The tasmanian devil is not original of this place and the name is just a coincidence?
  • The tasmanian tiger is the product of a dingo (originally from one of the Battle States), which mated with a tiger from Siberia?
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